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We need to check the name and details of the Headteacher on about 4000 UK schools. You will be working from a spreadsheet that provides the school details and the existing headteacher we have on our database. You will use either the schools website (provided where known) or contact the school by telephone (provided if known) to establish the current head teachers name (Title, First name, Surname), their preferred Job Title, and if available the date they started in the Head Teacher position.
This information is to be added to the spreadsheet in defined columns. Care must be taken to record the details accurately (correct spelling etc) and in the format shown. Initial batches will be 500 schools, but if batches left after you have completed one, then more can be passed to you
Columns on the spreadsheet will be:
EducationNumber - already completed
EstablishmentName - already completed
Postcode - already completed
ContactId - already completed
Title Christian - already completed
Surname - already completed
DateVerified - already completed
EstablishmentType - already completed
JobTitle - already completed
Website - already completed
Telephone - already completed
Is Head Teacher shown still in role? Y or N - To be completed with either Y or N
New Head Teacher Title - To be completed if new person in the role (eg. Mr Mrs Ms, etc)
New Head Teacher First name - To be completed. Full first name if available or first initial if not
New Headteacher Surname - To be completed
New Head Teacher Email Address - to be completed IF AVAILABLE
Date Started post (DDMMYY) - To be completed IF AVAILABLE
Example of spreadsheet uploaded here.

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