Hybrid Application for Android&iOS based on fully functioning website

For $750 — Ends 20 May 2018 (in about 2 months)

Hi all, we currently have an online platform like DietBet. The website works and is fully functioning but we need also an app where users can join challenges, pay and upload pictures/videos through the app instead of using the browser and go on our website. There is no API available and you would need to create one.
1) The app should have similar functions as DietBet app and you probably need to create an account for that. You can download it an check for yourself. An excerpt of the functions (but not all) possible with the app: - users can join challenges - create challenges - pay directly in the app - pay by paypal, credit card - upload pictures/videos
2) We would need everything there starting from design of the app till releasable product on apples app store or Google Play Store.
3) Please also provide me with a portfolio of apps you already created.
Thanks in advance and let me know if you need any further information. Bids without providing a portfolio will be ignored.
The step by step for users to join a challenge would be:
1. User registeres new account
2. Logs in
3. Selects one challenge he wants to join
4. User has to choose how he wants to pay the entry fee (Paypal, Direct transfer, Visa..)
5. Money transferred is converted into points and used for the challenge (50€ = 50 points)
6. When the challenge starts the user will receive an notification email that the challenge has been startet
7. User goes on website and logs in
8. Will be asked to type in the weight
9. Upload picture #1
10. Upload picture #2
11. User receives notification that pictures and weight has been received
12. After 4 weeks the game finishes
13. User uploads again weight and 2 pictures
14. Other option: User can create a challenge on their own.
User has 2 options:
A) He joins existing Challenge which is already on the website
B)He creates his own challenge:
- he can choose entry fee -
start date
- picture
- description
- whether it is invisible or visible for all (invisible = he can only invite other people by email or send a link)
There is no API available. You need to create one.
Cheers alex - €750.0

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