Smart Plug, WiFi socket, Esp8266 Firmware, Mqtt broker, Android & IOS App Development

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The main purpose of this project is to control the electric Device through internet as well as locally. The Device acts like a Wi-Fi switch or smart socket.
• Plan 1:
• 1) We need MQTT broker on virtual Machine or on cloud server.
• 2) A android App
• 3) A IOS App
• 4) Esp8266 Firmware with smart configuration
• 5)Esp8266 Hardware
The android or IOS app will connect esp8266 to local wifi router through a smart configuration. The esp8266 firmware will collect wifi router id and password through app and save it in esp device. Now ESP device is connected with internet through wifi router.
App will send on/off commands to Mqtt broker or cloud server. The cloud Server will control the ESP device pins according to app commands.
If some reason router isn’t connected with the internet app will send commands directly to esp8266 via local network.
App Requirements.
The app contain 5 pages.
1) Registration Page
2) Main Page
3) Wifi setup Page with QR scanner
4) On/off Page
5) The calendar
When a user installs and runs the Mella app from app store, the Registration page will be displayed for the 1st usage.
• In the registration page user will enter email and password that will save on cloud server. Next step will take user to login page where user will enter his email id and password.
• After login user will go to next WiFi setting page.
• In Wifi setting page, the user can add device id by QR scanning or directly input the device ID.
• App will select wifi network itself from cellphone wifi network.
• User will input the wifi Password then app will connect ESP to local network while running smart configuration automatically.
• Once setting information is ready, the app saves the last user information for next usage. For the registered user, the Mella app automatically login and go to the main page.
• In the main page of Mella app, the registered user can control the relay status by clicking the button in the center of the page. When the user turns on the switch, it becomes green and the app sends request to the server. The server receives the request and control the ESP32 pin according to the request.
• The schedule is used to turn on/off the relay according the specific time. The app includes the schedule of a week and the user can enable/disable the daily schedule by simply clicking the “En/Dis” field. And we can set the on/off time for relay.
• Schedule setting will save on webserver and webserver will send command to turn on/off device if app is closed.
Important functions:
• 1)A relay (light bulb) control through local network as well as through internet from anywhere after installing the app.
• 2)A timer. We will setup time through calendar weekly. Light bulb should turn on/off according to set time.
• 3)Easy user interference. App will select the Wi-Fi id from phone. Customer just has to input the wifi password. After setting up Wi-Fi device, should go online and we can control it through app from anywhere in USA. Any cellphone device can control it through internet.
• 4)Every device should have unique id that customer can scan with QR scanner for connecting with app.
• 5) Multiple devices. App should be able to control multiple ESP devices.
• App layout: same as existing app.
What you are delivering
• 1) MQTT broker on virtual Machine or on cloud server with calendar Setup
• 2) A android App including uploading on Play store
• 3) A IOS App including uploading on Apple store
• 4) Esp8266 Firmware with smart configuration
• 5) All Clean written source codes. Apps , Firmware and MQTT broker.
Please check attached file. - $750.0

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