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I need a new website in php, I need to build a new design for a shipping (delivery) and escrow company
List of features on website:
Registration (Receiver or Sender)
form: Name, address, zip code, state, country, email, phone number, country, partner email or name.
Tracking the package
Receiver full details
Sender full details
Name of product
Location of the product
Map - Route of product
Status of the transaction (ex: Ready for the delivery )
Profile username:
name, address, zip code, state, country, email, phone number
Unpaid, Paid
Password new:
Route of packages
Admin page (control panel)
A) List of users
Type of users: Ready for tracking#, with tracking#
Name, his email, partner email, add tracking#
B) Add tracking form:
Receiver details ( filled automatically if the profile has registration)
Sender details: name, address, country….etc
Product name:
Amount in USD, EUR.
Date: 01/01/2019
Tracking#: Generate number for each transaction ex: NJ64728i44
Status of transaction: ex. 28.01.2018 -Pick up
30.02.2018 - In Transit
After that all these details needs to generate 3 documents in pdf ( Bill, Contract, receipt) and an Invoice in Html.
How it works
Purchase Protection
Our Rates
Our Locations( Contact us )
Examples of websites - $1500.0

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