IOS App and PHP Integration

For $750 — Ends 19 May 2018 (in 2 months)

I have IOS app code. I have a MYSQL DB already made to work with the app.
I need help in integration of the app and the DB as well as cleaning up the code to remove unused/redundant systems. I also need security implemented for the connection between the two. As well as the following:
PHP Server
- create git repository for PHP services
- create stage and production subdomains
- figure out deployment process
- database migration system (Phinx?)
- move passwords and keys out of code and into environment variables
- upgrade PHP version
- audit existing API endpoints
- use prepared statements (PDO or MySQLi) for all SQL queries
- enable SSL
- encrypt user passwords in database
- password reset link in email instead of password
- implement JWT authorization
- document API specifications
iOS client
- create git repository
- audit dependencies
- point service calls to fastcomet
- remove App Transport Security exception (require SSL)
Let me know if you can help
Thanks - $750.0

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