Write a White Paper on Supply Chain Finance

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Have you heard of Supply Chain Finance? is is a way for businesses to pay their suppliers on time or early using a funder, and at the same time extend their terms back to the funder.
I'd like a white paper executive guide and email to go with it that we can send to accountants and CFOs, we need to educate them, whilst having a strong call to action to get them to engage with us.
it will be turned into a guide so whilst its educational it needs to be engaging.
this is work from other people
PCW - https://www.pwc.com.au/publications/pdf/supply-chain-finance-jul17.pdf
We need our guide to be easy to read, and peperred with infographics to support what is being said, so you need to write the guide, whilst explaining the infographic so a designer can understand what to produce.

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