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I am looking for a responsible freelancer that fills out an excel list of local companies in all countries (around 250 countries) that deliver gifts home. The list is sorted by country and category. There are five categories: flowers, chocolates, giftbaskets, parfums and one-stop-shops. Attached please see a sample of the list that I have done for Switzerland and Germany. Please note following tips and requirements.
Requirement of companies:
- The list must have exclusively companies that send gifts in the country itself, not abroad
- The company needs to offer delivery of the gifts
- Please check every website shortly in order to make sure that the company 1. is in the wished category and 2. that the company offers delivery of gifts
- The typical example that WE DON'T WANT in our lists is amazon.com. We don't want a multinational company that delivers worldwide, we want to have exclusiverly local companies that deliver within their countries. NO INTERNATIONAL DELIVERIES wanted. Why? Because otherwise customers need to pay import duty and we don't want that.
- The URL on the excel list must be without "www."
- There are multinational companies that are locally present in various countries and offer home delivery locally like lindt.ch for Switzerland and lindt.de for Germany. These companies are OK to be on the list. Important is that the URL and contact email is different from each country (lindt.DE and lindt.CH).
- Under "One Stop Shop" it is meant online shops that sell NOT ONLY one category such as clothing or electronics BUT a wide range of categories from electronics to furniture to food.
Tips for better results:
- Most domains of local companies end with the country ending. For Germany it's .de, for Switzerland is .ch. These are the ones we want on our list. Try to keep .com domains as low as possible (except from the list of USA of course)
- Its recommendable to look in the country's language in order to have better results. When searching for a company that sends giftbaskets in Germany, you could search with "send giftbaskets Germany" in German "Geschenkkoerbe senden Deutschland".
- Ist recommendable to search in each country with the respective google of that country. Say for Germany I would search under google.de, in Switzerland under google.ch
- If you find only a .com website of a country (take pacster.com from Germany for Giftbasket Delivery) make sure the company is located in Germany and it delivers home. If the company is located outside the country of scope (in this example Germany), then DO NOT include the company under Germany
- If you don't find any email to contact the company, please add the link for the contact form that most companies have; However look under "Impressum" of the company (works for European companies), you will find a contact email there most of the times
- If you find various contact emails choose the gerenal email, not a singular person email if possible
- Do choose companies that are promoting their websites with google adwords, we want to have them on our list; Just watch out when copying the URL, just copy the necessary URL without the adwords codes behind it
In order to make sure the quality of the list is according to the expectations I would like
1. To receive a sample from your side for Netherlands in order to win the project
2. Be aware that we need a list with all countries in the world (say 250), with five categories and minimum 10 URL per category, that makes minimum 10,000 links altogether.
2. Once the freelancer is awarded with the project, he/she will need to send an update for every 20 new countries done in the list and will have to wait for our quality check
3. After the job is done and approved by us, we will grant a bonus of 50% of the initial job if the quality of the work is good. - $3000.0

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