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I have eight Drupal 7 websites live that all use Drupal Commerce. They are all very similar and almost identical in terms of the Drupal Commerce implementation. Due to an increased number of orders I need to add in a better administrator workflow to allow warehouse operatives to manage orders more efficiently. We also need to connect the orders into a shipping provider - DHL via an API. Ideally what happens is a warehouse operative sends out orders once a day. He / she logs in an views all orders, prints a sheet of all products for packing. Prints a packing sheet per delivery. Then sends all the info to the courier DHL via their API who reply with a tracking code and a label. Label is stuck onto box. Customer gets an email with tracking code. Done. I am looking for a developer with the relevant skills to make this happen. Ideally someone fluent in english. Can you email me your interest to Thanks. submitted by /u/albert_pacino [link] [comments]

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