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For $1,500 — Ends 16 Aug 2018 (in about 21 hours)

I am interested in building a CMS system as a client communication.
We can discuss the system a bit further after we get some offers.
It is a ordering system without invoicing. We are a photo and video editing company.
There are three type of users Admin, Editor and Client.
All information uploaded by the Client needs to be synced to our business dropbox account.
- Client makes an order and places the order online (uploads material, jpg, raw, mp4 or what ever)
- Admin overviews the material and assigns to the editor.
- Editor finishes the material and sends back to admin on final check
- Admin sends to client.
What it needs to have:
- To add products
- To add editor and client accounts
- To be able to change the dropbox username or password
- To be able to filter all the jobs by clients, by products, by editor.
- Need to be able to assign to the editos
- Need to have a comment option (or messaging)
- Every order can have multiple products. For example they shot photos and videos for one address, that is one order, but it has two upload fields (photos and videos) that they need to provide. Same goes for finished items, they client will get a seperate email as soon as we upload any of the products.
- Needs to have a overview of new jobs and finished jobs
- Needs to be able to send a priority request on a prodcut
- Has overview of jobs he needs to do.
- Can upload the finished material and send to admin.
Any clarifications can be agreed upon later. - $1500.0

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