Smart web crawler

For $750 — Ends 13 Aug 2018 (in 3 days)

I'm looking for a developer that can develop a crawler that uses machine learning elements to gather data. The workflow is as follows:
1. I give the crawler input data which I want it to "learn"
2. After learning the crawler searches online for websites with similar content
3. Crawler extracts data from websites that match the profile
Example: as input product descriptions are put into the crawler. After it mines the text it than goes on and crawls (searches on google/yahoo/bing/etc) for websites with similar product descriptions and extracts data like website URL, title, description, emails, etc. from the websites it finds.
Upon completion extracted data is send to my email address in a CSV format.
Once this is working I'll be adding some more functionality so I'm looking for a long term developer. - €750.0

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