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Ends 11 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

since im not able to post all my pics for editing, u will have to contact me via email to get the pics if u r ready for the job.
all my face pics are for reference. i put as many angles of my face as i could get. u need to follow the exact instructions to get it right.
the first pic to edit is the one with the potatoes in them. i need u to edit me into it... whichever pic is most suitable, except the one with me in the suite, u can use my face from there but not the clothes.
next, the fridge. i need u to edit me standing in the pic but not covering the whole fridge. use same clothes as the first pic u edited.
then, the pic with the tomatoes in it. i need to be edited into it too, dosent need to be the same clothes.
next, the pic with the leaather jacket, edit that into the clothes storage background. exact same hair will do.
also use the pic with me in the suite in one of the pics with the clothes background... the exact same pic.
for the other three, use the other pics, but i must have the same clothes in all if possible
i found as many wired angles as i could. hope it helps.
the pic with the girls, their apron is the same as i am wearing under the suite, so if it is easier to edit out the suite and fill the apron and change faacial expressions, do it. or follow the instructions.
if any doubt please email me.
threre should be 4 pics to edit.

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