Migration from magneto 1 to 2 and installation on new server

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We would like to insert one button for showing size in feet and one box in cm and it should be auto generated with showing round figures in even format. For example: two different boxes one in cm and one in ft so whatever the customer wants to choose they can choose cm or ft whatever they are familiar with.
- We would like size ranges. For example, between 200 cm and 250 cm every carpet with sizes between 200 to 250 will go under this category. Sizes such as 210, 215, 225, 240 etc... will all go under the 200 to 250 cm size category box
Our Standard Sizes ( we can add these standard sizes in future as well if we have more in future)
80 x 50 cm
150 x 100 cm
180 x 120 cm
230 x 160 cm
240 x 170 cm
200 x 200 cm
300 x 200 cm
350 x 200 cm
350 x 250 cm
Large sizes
• We would like an extra style option: traditional, - or show us if it is possible to do it by ourselves
• We would like to add some more material options: wool, silk, wool & silk, wool viscous, viscose, acrylic
• Suggestion box required in similar colors, sizes, and designs. Example: when a customer clicks on a carpet to view it, there should be a suggestion box next to it suggesting and showing similar carpets the customer picked but from different collections. Similar in color, design and size.
• Price range tag so customer can filter it out
• Removal of the gallery listing. Just when customers press gallery all the collections should appear
• Regarding colors: when a customer clicks on the color example ‘purple’: all the carpets that are purple in that specific collection should appear on one page along with the suggestion box of similar carpets on the side
• We would like to align all colors and fonts on the front page to one font and color
• We would also like the website to show an option on the carpet image that a new carpet is uploaded and in stock
if an item is stock but should be on display.
Please note that budget will not exceed for what you offer at initial.
Please be sure this is e-commerce site and including the payment gateway and already configured with the shipping company for getting the rate. The stock is not synchronized.
2700 item listed ( for carpets only ) / no customer date / no orders detail /
we have changed our server from the USA to UK. At the moment our existing Magento 1 website is still on our old server and is active. What we want to do is install Magento 2 on our new server and then transfer the site from Magento 1 (old server) to Magento 2 (new server).
Also, i had mentioned certain elements abov that we would like to add to the site, which I believe you know about. - $750.0

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