Wordpress E-Commerce Store with Features based on customer location

For $750 — Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

I am currently working on a wordpress website for a client and would like to work alongside a sub-contractor to help me in certain areas of the project. My specialty is in basic web design (HTML/CSS), i have experience in wordpress, but its not my specialty.
Overview: Build a wordpress store integrated with woocommerce that allows users to buy phones and other electronics.
Design Requirements: Modeling our website after the Samsung store (https://www.samsung.com/us/). I am looking to use the Divi template but I am open to other options that may be more suitable
Functional Requirements:
- Users must be able to select their country of origin and see different prices based on location. Example: We will sell phones for $200 in the US, but $600 in Europe. So we're not just changing the currency denomination, but reflecting different product prices.
- Store must be able to change languages for each region.
- Users must be able to trade-in their phones. They will select different criteria (condition, year, make, model, location) and receive a quote on how much their phone is worth. The quotes will be based on a table of predetermined values. From there we will generate a shipping label and send it to them. - $750.0

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