Lottory website and application

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The site is a lottory website with the purpose of being able to buy a lottory ticket with fine watches
as the winning price.
On the site the user shall be able to see and review every game/lottory with all its existing terms and
conditions, such as:
• Watch model and name
• Price (retail) and description of the watch
• Pictures (5) of the price/watch
• Number of tickets in each lottory (100-1000)
• Start of the lottory.
• Duration of the lottory
• Number of tickets sold / remaining
Each lottory has a variable duration and ends when all tickets are sold. The number of tickets
offered in each lottory should be adjustable from a back-end system/admin system. Watch name
and model, description, pictures and price should also be editable from an admin system.
When people chose and buy a ticket for a lottory or a number of tickets, the user should have the
option of choosing his own lottory number within the range of lotto numbers. This of course only
possible in the event the desired lotto number is available.
In the user interface of the site/app, no empty lottories shall appear. Only the active lottory
The front page / home page of the site should directly display the open lottory games.
In order to engage in a lottory game, you have to create a user profile which should contain:
• Full name
• Username
• Password
• Email address
• Address
• Phone number
Therefore the site should have a SIGN UP section and a SIGN In button.
Once you have a user profile you are able to buy any number of lottory tickets in any lottory.
On the site there shall be a video or animated tutorial of how to engage into a lottory game,
including how buy a voucher on Everus, how to open a wallet and how to use the voucher in
entering a lottory. A clear tutorial ) that shows the user of how to engage and execute any
participation in a lottory fro A to Z.
The design of the website / app should be colorful and similar to desings of casino sites, whith a
colorful, stylish touch with weight on design style from other entertainment sites.
Logged in, the user should have a complete overview of ongoing lottories the user has engaged in,
both active and historically. The detailed review should contain information such as:
• Duration of active lottories user is participating in.
• Countdown on lottory tickets left to be sold on an active lottory user is participating in.
• Price of watch.
• Date and time of purchase of tickets
• Previous history of any closed lotto user has participated in.
All lottory prices should be displayed in EUR. And for every transaction the user should receive an
email receipt with his lotto number, full account details and amount used on a voucher etc.
The site / app should contain a CONTACT section with email etc
The site / app should contain a SUPPORT section.
The site / app should contain INTRODUCTION / ABOUT section where the user is introduced to
the terms and conditions of activity on the site, how the lottories are executed, prices delivered etc
Upon conclusion of any lottory, every participant in a given lotto game, should receive an email that
the lottory has ended and the price will be drawn within 24hours and winner will be announced etc.
The actual order flow on the website / app we propose we use your expertise and follow your advice
on what is the best in terms of order flow and using the Gift voucher etc.
Design inspiration: - $750.0

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