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I need a functionality in my website .the details are below :
1. A special photo section is needed under various categories like bathroom ,bedroom ,living room etc ...similar to the following link .on the left you can see various rooms .
These photos will come from point #2 and point #3
2. These photos are actually uploaded by the professionals such as interior designers ,architects and contractors and houzz picks all those photos that are uploaded by the professionals and collects them in its “photos” section . We are also currently allowing professionals to upload their photos ,but we need one addition in that section .........currently professionals are uploading random photos ,but the photos need to be under some project heading .and under that project the professional can add photos of exterior ,bathroom etc.for instance ,if a contractor has constructed a house ,he can upload photos of different rooms of that house by creating a project and project name .as in the following link . You can see the projects of this professional .
3. We can also upload photos from the admin panel .
4. The photos in point #2 and point #3 will appear in the photos section
5. Also allow a small description if possible below photo
6. Once a user clicks a photo uploaded by the professional ,the user will be directed to that professional page who has uploaded the photos.in most of the cases these professional will be contractors ,interior designers and architects who can showcase their projects .
7. The appearance or front end of the of the “photo section”will not be like that of the houzz ,but it will be like that of Pinterest .
8. The uploader can also add tag of a product of that product exists in our ecommerce section .this is illustrated in the following link .
My website is under Developemnt and we need photo section as mentioned above .you have to work on local server initially and then we will upload the files to main server .
My timeline is strict and I need the project to be completed essentially within minimal time .

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