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I currently use "Cash Register Express" by pcAmerica and I have hundreds of items I carry in my physical liquor store where I sell wines and liquors. I want to be able to sell these same products online.
Project has 2 parts, creating website and importing inventory to website.
These are the must haves unless you know another way around
1. knowledge of SQL Server because the database of my current inventory is mdf file
2. knowledge of batch files- One company uses this method to export inventory every 30 minutes and keep in sync- you may use this method also) You can use the batch files I have as a template to figure out how to export inventory to the new website.
a) My concern is not the website design, I only need a simple clean website. functionality is more important.
b) I want to provide delivery and keep track of customers.
c) website should notify me when delivery order is placed and reduce my POS inventory by the amount ordered online.
d) Keep inventory synced automatically with website.
e) certain products that come in different sizes should be listed on the same product page ex) jameson 1.75L, 1L, 750ml along with prices
** I want to know if there is a way that I can charge credit cards entered online using my store POS to avoid having secondary credit card processor. ** OPTIONAL STEP
please refer to this video for the idea of what I want to accomplish, not everything in video is required.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LLePopjgp8&t=66s - $750.0

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