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Ends 1 Mar 2018 (in 6 months)

Information for the business: e-commerce website
Industry: Food and Beverage
Design details: We require a set of vector icons to use on our product pages and across our website to illustrate ingredients and benefits and how to use the product.
Style - simple, sophisticated, backed by science, natural, plant based,
Ideas for the visual style: clean, simple, with a science/alchemy feel
Preferred colors: black lines, no fill, clear spcae
Extra notes: Examples of style we like are in the attachments
List of icons required will be provided on hire but will include things like benefits - e.g. energy boosting, skin glowing, gut healing, ingredients - e.g. turmeric, aloe vera, and facts e.g. vegan, plant based, GMO free, no synthetics
Benefits don't have to be completely obvious for example gUt healing doesn't have to show the stomach or a person but a symbol that shows balance or soothing
This website uses icons in a way that we like - simple and clean and clear
See attached for preferred style

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