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I currently have waveapps but it's a mess. I've been exporting from my bank (wells fargo) my spending reports each month as they show business credit card, personal credit card (sometime used in business) and other items and then have been highlighting and categorizing payments vs expenses each month. This has how I've found my profitability line in my digital marketing consulting business and keep tabs for my end of year taxes.
I pay quarterly taxes and have an accountant but my bookkeeping is not consistent and often I find I have lower profit margins than expected after paying contractors, software and just life.
I am looking for monthly help with waveapps so I can identify these items:
- Profit for prior month (All Revenue minus expenses)
- Bookkeeping done within first week of the month so I can forecast better.
I have my books done up until June 2018, my income levels vary drastically so I am looking to understand on one client specifically whom I just signed for 6 months how much expenses maximum I can spend to hit a consistent revenue line.
I am hoping to find someone that can use Waveapps and trustworthy. I could use the service long term if it's accurate, affordable and helps my business. I believe I can categorize bookkeeping as a business expense for example so I'd be looking for someone who knows how to write off their services in the monthly bookeeping.
Never had a bookkeeper so I could help out integrate, sync and explain everything upfront but eventually I'd like to have a process you follow.
Thanks in advance

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