Ghostwriter & Editor for Fiction Novella Completion

For $50 — Ends 27 Jul 2018

I'm looking for a talented humour writer, a sharp editor with skills in plotting, story structures and organisation. My novella has stalled since I graduated with my Masters in Fiction — 80% written. I'm looking for a creative collaborator to help me re-start this project.
As I see the process going forward, the novella (currently 44k words) needs a first read, a look at the gaps in the story, ghostwriting for those gaps in the style of my existing writing, a stern look at the plotting and consistency of the piece, and then editing the story to a polished state.
I'm still very excited about this book. But I'm a realist about my ability to effectively 'birth' this book as a publishable piece. I also respect and admire writers who have the commitment and discipline to make a career out of their art.
I'm looking for someone who is open, interested, opinionated, and with a sense of humour to match. - $50.0

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