I want to add an Admob Interstitial ad to a Swift App

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I have a Swift iOS app that already include an Admob banner ad.
Now, I want want to add an interstitial Ad to the app. The Ad should be added the correct way.i.e the way Admob policies recommended it by preloading and checking if its ready before displaying it.
Basically, the implementation should avoid this common Admob violation : "LAYOUT ENCOURAGES ACCIDENTAL CLICKS - INTERSTITIAL ADS". You can search about this on Google t get an idea about it and how to implement the ad.
So, please do not get this job if you don't know exactly how to do this the correct way please, this is important.
So to sums up, here is what I expect from the implementation of the interstitial. " User will be navigation the app by clicking on a button, after a certain number of clicks on the button ( a constant you will set in the code ), the user will see a pop up or loading screen that says "Please wait..loading advertisement". This will let the user stop clicking the button and recognize that there is an ad coming to avoid accidental clicks.
Once, the user see the pop up screen he will click an "OK" button and then the interstitial should be shown if its loaded of course. Please have a look at this link to know about the way Google recommend it: https://support.google.com/admob/answer/6201350?hl=en
(See the second example)
I can explain more about the task later if needed.
Am looking for a great fast developer and if the work is delivered correctly and the code is very well written, I will work with you on more projects. Am looking for a long term relationship developer so there will be a lot of jobs.
Write this on your reply so that I can know that you read the whole description of the job. "I CAN DO THAT"
Thank you!

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