Bluefrog's Buddy Robot

For $750 — Ends 26 Feb 2018 (in 4 months)

Develop a 30-slide narrative course show running Bluefrog Buddy Robot (
Q: who is the Buddy robot for? Who is the user?
A: The project is to build a trainer robot for use by dementia elderly. Robot "teaches" memory skills.
Q: what kind of JPG?
A: photos, or cutie faces. We will provide them.
Q: what kind of dance move?
A: any, but not too dramatic.
Q: I can write the code, but I don’t have Robot.
A: Please use the emulator to test. Since this is a fairly simple project, we don’t foresee
much problem. We will accept based on emulator's result. However, if we take delivery and find
problem running Buddy, we will expect you to help fix.
- $750.0

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