CSGO map and and mod

For $750 — Ends 26 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

Hi i need someone that is very good in sourcemod and csgo sdk ,
Basicly i need a credit system to award players who play on my server.
So the team that wins, will get awarded ( First player 30 tokens, second player 20 tokens, and third player 10 tokens )
So that must be written into a database.
After that, the players can buy upgrade from a store menu with those tokens.
I need also on a custom map , a place with 3 buttons and lets say only player with camo upgrade can press that button. ( permissions). dark upgrade press second button , and light upgrade press third button.
I need also that there is a button to delete a camo upgrade if he uses it.
If you think you are good enough to make this project, please tell me.
- $750.0

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