Fictional Fantasy Spy Motif Writer Wanted

Ends 26 Feb 2018 (in 6 months)

Tone: Sardonic
Extensive research needed: no
Extra notes: Looking for a writer who is either experienced in or interested in Fetish genre specifically Smother. Combined with Femme Fatale, this is to be the detailing of a Government Female Assassin whom specializes in silent kills using no weapons, only her body. No sex is involved whatsoever however the way she kills is akin to Wrestling style holds so also any experience in Wrestling/Mixed Martial Arts would be of interest but not necessary. Hannah, is able to blend into the background she is deployed in with her baby face innocence, girl-next-door figure and overall ability to lie through her teeth to people. Through makeup, acting and clothing she is able to pull off any age range required making her very difficult to detect. Hannah is not toned or fit moreover she is slightly overweight which she uses to her advantage. These missions involve writing about A) Why she is assassinating the particular target B) Where she is assassinating them C) Intricate detail of the assassination (slow smother) itself. This is the 'Fetish' element. Please do not apply if this part is not of interest to you as it may appear unrealistic strictly speaking however this is Fantasy Fiction.
I will fully work with the writer to hone them into exactly what I need and will provide the Who/Where/How along with imagery of Hannah, the holds she uses etc. This will be a collaborative process, I won't expect you to just hit the ground running!
Writer also has to be extremely physically descriptive in terms of detailing the environments, what Hannah looks like on each mission, the surroundings and of course the assassination itself. Someone who can detail the nitty-gritty anatomical goings on of her moves appose to talk of what is in her head, the victims head etc. We want to focus more on the physical side appose to the psychological side.
Each 'mission' will vary in length from 5000-1000 words sometimes more. Usually it is one victim she is assassinating however this can be more than one with bystanders sometimes having to be eliminated if Hannah has to secure an unforeseen circumstance etc.
We really want a writer who will enjoy this as it's quite different from most jobs and want to secure a long term relationship, writing many of Hannah's missions, potentially delving into her background later on (for now we want to focus on her active missions)
Hannah is a sadistic sociopath and this is dark writing. Please only apply if the thought of 'The Bad Guys' winning appeals to you :) The victims' are always 'The Good Guys' with many missions involving not only Assassinating someone, but often framing them/setting them up with the intention of ruining their credibility/legacy/reputation with the scene they are found in a heinous one with deep ramifications.
We have attached to this posting one of Hannah's previous 'missions'. No verbal interaction at all and set at night with her stealthily slipping aboard a Yacht quietly, slowly eliminating the targets one by one.
An image of what Hannah closely resembles is also attached to this post.
Please do read through the attached story and if it and all the above holds interest, contact me to discuss further.

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