Dashboard in Angular 5

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Im looking for a freelancer who is comfortable in nodejs, angular 5, worked with SequelizeJS, using bcrypt, JSON Web Tokens, and is able to work on a project starting from scratch. You will be tested by an experienced developer so dont waste time biding on the project, if you are not experienced enough. Instead of both wasting time, we better convert that time to something useful for the both of us. Please take into consideration that we're looking for a developer which have at least 3+ years of experience. Also, the developer must be speaking english on a medium level.
If you are that developer (or company with lots of experience behind), lets talk!
We offer the following for the development process:
1. Angular 5 template (full PSD) and source code (CSS/HTML)
2. Invision board to see how the final dashboard looks (our modifications and its flow)
3. documentation for each page
4. a ready-made map creator (to be implemented by developer)
5. 24/7 availability by my developer and support with documentation
6. all pages includes their explanation and flow
7. database is ready (we also offer explanation on each table - user/pass/host is provided for you to connect)
3+ years
English: medium
SequelizeJS (important: you must know what an ORM is)
PostgreSQL (just be familiar - if anything is required - we will provide)
ExpressJS (important)
JSON Web Tokens (important)
bCrypt: we're crypting passwords using the Bcrypt npm module
Nodejs 8+ (server code must be written in Ecma6 - dont do any typescripting in there - only on the frontend - if you're familiar with it)
Also, please note:
- dont ask for sample Codes, if you are not able to do it, please dont waste our time!
- you must be working on your local machine
- the project must be installed and ready for tests by ngroking (https://ngrok.com/) or any other way to see your progress
- you will be asked for any project that you have worked on (with or without a team) - you will be picked based on the work you've documentation
- if you are trying to show projects you pretend you had contributed on them, you will be ignored - $1500.0

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