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I am asking for 10 questions, 5 have ABCD, 5 have a fill-in-blank with hint. One of the five can be a "word scramble" (jumble up the letters of a word). Must include reputable source with a link that I can verify the answer. Wikipedia is totally fine, or a news link. 5 easy, 5 medium (mixed and matched between ABCD format and fill-in-blank) -- Not looking for "hard" questions. Examples of a up-to-date, FUN, high quality trivia questions that will make bar patrons want to chat about stuff: Question: The "Old Man" from hit TV show "Pawn Stars" passed away recently, how old was the "Old Man"? Hint: He was older than Donald Trump. Answer: 77 Source: Question: Veteran Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley recently announced that he’s calling it quits after playing how many years in the big leagues? A) 14 B) 15 C) 16 D) 17 Answer: 16 Source: Word Scramble: LJERCIPTOE Hint: Bombs away! Answer: PROJECTILE Send me a PM with your price and I'll get back to you. submitted by /u/codus_maximus [link] [comments]

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