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For $750 — Ends 14 Jul 2018

Topic: Marijuana in Seattle, how did weed become legal here, talk about the history in the city, controversies, current state and other anecdotal information.
- script should have a minimum of 2500 words spread across at least 10 locations.
- Information must be interesting, fun and factual about the subject
- information should not be sourced from Wikipedia or simple Google searches
- information should be backed with solid appendage facts or else the script will be rejected
- Relevant sources : news reports, historical photos, soundbites and other relevant information scoured, Books, historical organization, public records, historical societies (e.g. city council discussions, etc)
• Payment will be released when the script is accepted according to the requirements.
• Scripts need to be completed in 7 days from starting day.
• The script should be delivered in a Microsoft Word document with all text, and media (audio/images/video) embedded
• Script should be broken into sections per location with the following format:
○ Title (The title)
○ Text (The script of the location), ~250 words
○ Location address (this can be a link to a google maps point)
○ Embedded media (images, pictures, videos)
• All research and materials in the form provided become the property of the buyer and you relinquish all rights to reuse or resell the work
• All content must be public domain with creative commons CC-BY, CC-BYSA or CC-BYND license.
• Please read more about these here: - $750.0

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