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We apply artificial intelligence to legal contract analysis and review. We believe that in the near future the slow and painful process of reviewing legal contracts will become much easier with the help of AI contract assistants. We are looking for two people with exceptional talent in front-end and back-end development to help us grow our web application and bring this product to more people.
At least 1 year experience as a full stack engineer
Expert in Node.js and JavaScript (ES6)
Proficient with Vue.js
Experience with enterprise SaaS applications
Experience with agile development methodologies
Experience building secure web applications
Experience deploying and managing production environments
Very comfortable with Linux
During your first 90 days you will be doing the important work of building out our user management and permission system, implementing changes to our database, rolling out security updates and putting in place planned changes to our UI. Ongoing, you will be responsible for designing the architecture of key web application components, building and curating solid web application code, implementing a robust set of services and APIs and implementing security and data protection best practices in our web application environment.
We are a small, rapidly growing team building a product in a very promising space. We’re located in the heart of Toronto at the DMZ - the top tech incubator in North America. There’s free coffee. There’s snacks. There’s a vibrant entrepreneurial community.  We care deeply about every aspect of our business. We are looking for someone who feels that way about every line of code they write. We want someone who is not interested in being a small cog in a large machine. We want someone who wants to have a big impact and wants the satisfaction of rapidly seeing their code improve a product in the hands of real users. We’re growing fast and we are looking for someone whose talents will scale with the business. We want someone who relishes researching, finding, and implementing solutions to tough challenges. You’re the right person for us if you’re responsible, a strong problem solver, and able to both see the big picture and sweat the details.
Want to get a better sense of our product? See a recent review here: http://lextechreview.com/diligen-review-tackling-due-diligence-contract-review-pain-points-machine-learning/.
This will take 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your availability. We’ll start with a brief phone call. If that goes well we will send you a technical challenge which you can complete remotely. You should be able to complete this within 2 hours. After that we’d like to meet you in person at our office at Yonge and Dundas. You’ll be meeting with the founders as well as our senior software engineer. We expect you already have a job so we can accommodate evening or lunchtime meetings. If you are the person we are looking for (and your references check out), you’ll receive a job offer from us shortly after that.
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