Understanding the Insurance Industry and Personal Lines Insurance Coverage Gaps Course

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We are providers of Continuing Education we want to create a course on this topic.
Description attached in post
Slides to create a 17 hour presentation with notes (every 9000 words in the notes is an hour)
Pictures should not violate copyright I will provide a template for powerpoint, in the powerpoint slides each slide should have notes with an average of 150 words (from 75 to 225 words)
We need a multiple choice/true false exam with the problems answered (with 10 problems requiring simple calculations or looking up at table problems) we will require 110 questions
I will provide you with a breakdown of how may questions we need
The presentation should be free of plagiarism, and free of typos and grammatical mistakes
Send me your qualifications and your experience in preparing technical presentations, and a sample of your work
I will provide the template for the powerpoint presentation.
Please include any table or manufacturer manuals (pdf) that could be used for the class (if they are ok to distribute)
Add at the end of the presentation all the proper references
The work will include revisions
The project will have three milestones
1. Milestone Description and Objectives
2. Milestone Presentation
3. Milestone 3 Exam
Course description - This needs to be rewritten
This course will give the student a taste for the principles and fundamentals of insurance law, accounting, and risk management. We examine the Private Insurance Industry with discussions on History, Classifications of Insurers, Alternatives to the private Insurance Industry, and Modus Operandi. We review a Brief History of the Insurance Industry beginning, well, at the beginning! Then we go on to identifying the categories of insurers classified by type of product and by form of ownership, explaining the different distribution systems that are used in the insurance industry, and fleshing out areas where members of the insurance industry compete and cooperate. Also this course is designed to help insurance practitioners identify and overcome common coverage gaps that consumers face with respect to their real and personal property, residential liability, business and professional activities, ownership and use of motor vehicles and water craft, and other common exposures.
Sample Outline for the course
Risk and the Insurance Industry
The Insurance Device
The Private Insurance Industry - History
The Private Insurance Industry - Classifications
The Private Insurance Industry - Alternatives
The Private Insurance Industry - Modus Operandi
Functions of Insurers
Financial Aspects of Insurer Operations - Accounting
Financial Aspects of Insurer Operations - Taxes
The Legal Framework
Social Insurance Programs
Insurance Regulation
Part II Gap Coverage
Real Property Loss Exposures
Personal Property Loss Exposures
Residential Liability Loss Exposures
Business/Professional Loss Exposures
Motor Vehicle Loss Exposures
Watercraft Loss Exposures
Miscellaneous Loss Exposures
Proper Coordination of Overall Insurance Program
Only qualified prospects will be considered reply indicating what is your experience in the insurance industry, prospects without experience in the insurance industry will not be considered. Also explain your experience preparing courses. - $3000.0

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