Wordpress web site for a Notary, for excellent designers only

For $36 — Ends 17 May 2018 (in about 2 months)

Hi, we are looking for a talented designer to help us develop a wordpress web site design for a top of the bill notary in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We are looking for a design partner who can work with us by the hour. We are pixel-fuckers, so please only apply if you have real skills. If you contact us, please send along a portfolio. The portfolio should not have any amateur-quality, otherwise you will be rejected immediately.
We are not planning to take the lowest bidder, but we need a reliable partner who will work with us by the hour (so no milestones please!) until it is perfect! I expect to have you on board for at least 3 weeks full time.
Design Briefing Notary
We are looking for a new look for a Notary: a strongly visual web site (lots of stockphoto’s) in Rotterdam. The web site will be in Dutch. It’s okay if you also make a configured wordpress site.
The structure is as follows:
• Home (strong visual elements, clicking through to 3x main areas, but later there may be as many as 6, please keep into account for the design)
o Real Estate
o Auctions
o Corporate Law
o Links to “About us”, “contact”, “Vacancies” (and potentially more)
• We have about 4 paragraphs of text for the “about us” page
• We have about 4 paragraphs of text for each of the main elements
Some inspiration (we LOVE the first one):
• https://www.netvlies.nl/
• http://wasserkompetenz.ch/bath-and-more/
• https://www.debrauw.com/
Single page apps
The notary is not one business, but multiple, with different types of customers. There are bankers, who need the notary for mortgage deals, and there are entrepreneurs who want to do a merger or acquisition. The notary needs a flashy entry page for both, so we basically want a /customer_type/ entry page that looks as though it’s the main web site. These are reached from the front page blocks (Real Estate, Auctions, Corporate Law)
Ideally, we also want a timeline on each entry page.
Something like these:
• http://www.innoitus.com/
• https://jonesadvisory.net/
We also want a cool “about us” page, with all staff members with pictures. Can you please add one of those effects, where on a mouse-over our CEO gets something like an artsy mustache to add something casual to the site? Only for some members of staff, just to keep people interested.
The Vacancy page
Here we also have 4 paragraphs of text describing the company.
For each staff member on the “About Us” page
We have 3 paragraphs of text describing the person. We also want to add phone, linkedin, email per person. Please come up with a cool design for this.
From the customer:
• 55% of all our customers make decisions based on a phone view of the web site. We therefore want the mobile version to get as much attention as the desktop version.
• We want to open with strong visuals (again, like netvlies.nl) and then continue onwards to text.
• The topics are auctions, real estate, and corporate law as specialties.
• What makes us unique is that we are innovative and use a lot of IT.
We have a color scheme as well, please find attached. - €36.0

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