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For $2,500 — Ends 8 Feb 2018 (in 6 months)

Looking for a remote Prototyping Research Designer - Contract Positions at Alpha:
The Alpha Design Bench creates digital product prototypes for user testing in e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and media. All work is remote, 2-15 hours/week, depending on assignments available. We aren’t an ad agency or design agency—we work fast and we experiment often to see what works.
The work is extremely flexible: you can pick up a short assignment based on your availability, and complete it in a few hours at home. Assignments are also available at night and on weekends, so you can work full-time and pick up work on the side.
As part of our Design Bench, you’ll learn about the pain points that matter to our clients, the problems they are trying to solve, and the metrics they want to measure. It’s a valuable opportunity to work on actual products, and learn more about the product iteration process.
Designers that repeatedly deliver approved, test-ready prototypes will be referred to our startup network and Fortune 500 client base for additional freelance and full-time design work.
- 3+ years of professional design experience.
- A portfolio that shows your visual design and strong typography skills, with multiple examples of visual design work (UI, branding, etc)
- A background in UX and interaction design
- Strong skills in Sketch, Photoshop and InVision
- Advanced skills (Axure, Photoshop timeline animation, illustration, packaging design) are a huge plus
- Critical attention to file organization
- Ability to work independently and execute design decisions based on limited information
- All designers must complete a prototyping challenge. You will receive further instructions if you meet the base qualifications.
User Experience Design, Design, Prototyping, Product Design
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