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For $5,000 — Ends 9 Jun 2018 (in about 1 month)

1. Project Background Introduction:
Our church’s translation project is a long-term work. The translation includes Christian-related books, experience articles, sermons, scripts, hymns, websites, and APP. Among them, about 1.5 million English words need to be translated in various books; about 500,000 words need to be translated in life experience articles; and there are more than 30 gospel screenplays (about 20,000 English words per script), dozens of church life scripts (each script has about 4,000 English words) that require translation, and the words of the scripts total about 700,000. Moreover, there are over 1 million English words in sermons, and there are more than 400 hymns. The numbers will continue to increase.
In order to translate these works as soon as possible, we sincerely invite professional translators with relevant translation experiences to join our project. The translation work will be published and distributed free of charge. It will also be uploaded to various media platforms.
2. Requirements for Translators in the Project:
1) Polish language being the mother tongue of the translator; proficient in English;
2) Rich translation experience in the fields related to the translation work we need (Note: Priority is given to those who have the experience of translating the Bible or Christian-related materials);
3) Proficient in Christian terminologies, spiritual terms; translation works eligible for publication in any media;
If you can meet the above requirements and are interested in our project, please let me know your email address and my sister Jane will contact you! - €5000.0

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