I need an architect for a new building plan

For $10,000 — Ends 5 Jul 2018

Currently, I have hired someone to build on my site and they just left it alone. I can not do this again. So please bid only if you know you can and will complete the project and that you have a team to do so... I have tried to build this site going on four years now and I still have to deal with fake people..Please do not waste my time..
I want my website to be rebuilt and fully working. I would like all the features on this theme and more themeforest.net/item/directory-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/10480929 to be rebuilt into a new site
I will not release anything until the site is 100 percent finished.. I have had too many fake people saying they can do the job. type 4858569 if you understand this and read the entire page.. By writing this numbers you understand I will only release after the 1. The website is finished.
1. build an admin area that allows me to hire admins to control each city that is on the site. They must have access only to that city and no other city.. Like Mayor of the town..
2..The blog area must be set up for front-end use. It must be set up to be Geo located. So each city has there own blogs and topics )
3.ads on the site Geo located so each mayor has control over the ads that are shown up in that city
1. You must add some Messenger to message between users who find a thing to buy. (that has to be set up with delete buttons and edit buttons) There must be notifications sent to users email account
2. Drop down boxes and stuff for the about me section that allows the personal information of the user to automatically show up on the post page This is important that when a member post something on the post ad page they do not have to always put their information into the website.
3.Geolocation/ (as the website has)
4.Google Translate or some other type of Translate system that works well.
5.Paid membership pro. (because I wanted to be able to use coupons and discounts if you can code that into the site that would be great. I want same functions)
6. Make the site have a dashboard before login in like facebook does( I want to be able to turn it on and off)
7.CSV bulk import set up for the Vendor area for Vendor items like fashion and electronics
8 .CSV for importing/Exporting Cars and Restaurants, Houses, For Sale, Directory,
www.quikr.com is not a perfect example
I have to direct competitions sites I will share.. My site needs to be better. www.finditguide.com and www.wiesbaden.bookoo.com
9. I want an area I Want To Receive Alerts I want something like where the person can type in what they are looking for in the category and the price range and then they receive an alert through email and also as an option and a notification in their message box on the website. Example … The user is searching for a tv 55inch price between 500 and 600. Once the user has filled out the information
I want to be able to place featured ads in each category of items for sale and control it on the backend
I want the admins for Car Dealers, houses real estate and Mayors to have this as their admin. With great details and possibilities.
1. Look up items
2. Push ads for items
3. See which Items are getting the most views
4. Place commercial ads within the site for the items
Currently, I have in WordPress but tell me what system you want to build the site in and how long it will really take... I have more stuff I want so please we must discuss first the
The site must be fast strong and well optimize
I want that each city has its own Facebook page and everytime someone posts an item into that city it goes on to that facebook group page
I would also like the facebook messenger so that way the Site can be connected with the customers through Facebook.
Read the document as it has more things as well.
Also, I do not expect the site to be developed in WordPress I understand that Wordpress could not handle this type of system. Suggest the platform you think we should build it on.. - $10000.0

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