Detect the tone of voice in text

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Hi there
Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my project.
I will explain what I need by using an example:
Imagine there is a newspaper, and it employs two people to write the articles. The newspapers wants the language to be consistent, so each journalist must follow the same "tone of voice" rules. The rules are as follows: use friendly, conversational language.
That means if someone wrote an article using dry, serious language, it would be a problem.
I need machine learning which can detect this problem.
So I am guessing we would need to train a model to understand friendly, conversational language, and we could then use this model to examine every new article to see if it passes or fails.
Or perhaps there is a better way to do this. You are the expert, so let me know.
I am open to hiring you either for a one off project, or for ongoing work.
You must use Python 3.x.
I have programmers who can work alongside you.
Thanks1 - $750.0

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