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We have multiple updates for a Joomla website. Please see below for details:
- Site URL: http://pndbuilders.com/
Site is built in Joomla, use best practices when updating. No core hacking.
1. Build a dev site.
- duplicate the site to a sub-directory like: http://pndbuilders.com/dev/
- We'll review changes here before making them live
2. Update menu style to have top sub-menu and main menu items
- Similar to this site: http://www.3pillar.com/
- Top menu (smaller): Home, About Us (keep drop down menus), Blog, Gallery, Contact Us, Staff Directory, Client Login
- Main Menu (larger): Find a Community, Build on Your Lot, Available Homes, Floor Plan Archive, Energy Efficiency Homes (call out this menu item with a green color and leaf icon)
- The footer also has a menu, update to: Home, Find a Community, Build on Your Lot, Floor Plans Energy Efficient Homes, Contact, Client Login, Employee Login
3. Home Page
- Add new slide to home page (will provide)
- The 8 call out boxes only link when clicking the text. Make them link when clicking anywhere in the box. Make the text a little bigger and add drop shadow so it's easier to read.
- Contact Us: Add Adam Langley from this page: http://pndbuilders.com/contact-us/company-email-directory
- The Captcha from the 'Send Message' section at the bottom isn't working. Fix.
4. Find a Community/Community Map
- Currently this is a PDF, create a page with a Google map similar to the one on this page: http://www.3pillar.com/new-home-communities
- Use this plugin for the map: https://www.demo-joomunited.com/my-maps-location/location-search
- Clicking a map marker should bring up an info box.
- Side bar should show each listing like in the plugin demo.
- The list will only include 10 locations (see attached list 'Community Map')
- Look online for images and content about these communities.
- Map does not need a search feature. By default it should show all communities in the Columbus, Ohio USA area.
5. Available Homes
- Currently this is a PDF, update to a webpage
- Use content from the existing PDF (and embedded links) to include those 2 homes.
- Would like the style of the page to look like this page: http://www.3pillar.com/available-homes
- Keep the same fields and layout as the example above
- Use the Mosets Tree plugin to build this out: https://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension/directory-a-documentation/directory/mosets-tree/
6. Build on Your Lot
- This is a new page that will need to be built
- Style similar to this page: http://www.3pillar.com/build-on-your-lot
- Include some good images from our plan archive for the top slider: http://pndfloorplans.com/index.php/front-line-homes
- Leave text as place holder. Will update it later.
- Don't include side bar 'We're Here to Help!'
- Have a small contact form on the page to get more info.
- Do not need to include plans like on the example page, but show a link to the plan archive: http://pndfloorplans.com/index.php/front-line-homes
7. Links to Developments: http://pndbuilders.com/where-we-build/links-to-developments
- From this page remove: Ballantrae, Cheshire Woods, Rutherford Estates, Tartan Fields, Taylor Fields, Wedgewood, woodland Hall, Wedgewood Park, Woods of Loch Lomond and
Wyndotte Woods.
- Make the style of the page look more like the list on this page: http://www.3pillar.com/new-home-communities
- Photos should be uniform size
- Only single button 'Get More Information' which links to the single entry page.
8. Development Single Entry Pages (for all developments)
- example: http://pndbuilders.com/where-we-build/links-to-developments/item/23-evans-farm
- Would like these pages to look more like this: http://www.3pillar.com/evans-farm
- Tabs on this page: Community Overview, Floor Plans, Community Map, Maps & Directions
- Community Overview tab: Match the example page. Pull text and images from web.
- Floor Plans: Empty for now, will add
- Community Map: Pull map from their website
- Map & Directions: Google Map

- $750.0

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