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1 test (coloured or black white) illustration for a career guide. Followed up by +/- 20 illustrations.
) The first is for a career guide for scientists and articles I am currently writing (for my small business basically). For the career guide (which I will "self-publish") I am looking for maybe +/- 20 illustrations as of the detail level (or less detailed) of the pipeline I sent you on the 19th of January (see in work-flow above). For this you mentioned you would charge 15-20 dollar per illustration.
Now for this project I would like to do a test illustration so we can experience how it is to work together. Of course, I would pay you for the test illustration.
Just some background info:
Book/ articles target group characteristics:
- academics
- Natural and life-scientists
- PhD students – postdoctoral researchers
- Rough book content:
1. Who am I? Skills? Personality, Introspection / What type of job would fit me?
2. Career options with a PhD degree
3. Working in industry vs academia
4. Academic career
5. Job applications
6. Job interview
7. Salary negotiations
Illustration style: funny (it should really cheer up a rather content rich book), ideally coloured but in a way that it can also be used black and white (as printing coloured might be too expensive), comics are fine as well.
(Here you find typical academic humour comics:
The first illustration I would have in mind is that of a PhD student or researcher looking in the mirror wondering who they are? This would be the first chapter of the book, in which the reader will do some exercises to find out that their skills are and what kind of personality they are (e.g. a team player or lone wolf, chaotic or organised, specialist or generalist, etc.).

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