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Ends 26 Jul 2018

I moved to Cyprus 10 years ago and during that time have rescued and given homes to 9 dogs and 7 cats.
The land next to our property which our animals enjoy the benefit of is now up for sale along with the property we rent. To try and find a way to raise funds to not only put a deposit down to buy the land but create ongoing monthly funds to feed, support and care for all these animals on an ongoing basis and build provision to foster many more abandoned animals I have written a book. The book tells the story of our rescue dogs in their own words and was originally written to help me raise necessary funds for buying the land and a link to the website I created where people could register for just 2 euros per month to get monthly 'pupdates' about our dogs and any new fosters we take on. I spent the first few months once my book was finished trying to market it and got a couple of articles in newspapers and a radio interview. I also printed 1000 copies and offered to give a percentage of each book sale to charity to no avail. My reviews on Amazon are good and I know as a professional writer the writing quality and emotion are there but I also realise this is all about professional PR and endorsement. I am not declaring myself as a charity, if people choose to buy the book, donate to get the book or register for monthly updates they are getting something for their money but I need this to work as time is running out for us so I need a strategic plan as animal welfare and the horrific treatment of animals is a well known problem in Cyprus. See for a better understanding. Please only apply if you truly think you can get me measurable results and help me raise both awareness and substantial funds without spending loads of money which I have already done through publishing and facebook advertising. Please note the book is already for sale in print on Amazon and kindle format on Amazon with 5 star reviews.

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