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Hey everyone! I am looking for someone who would be willing to design (wireframe??) the layout of content on a single post of our website. It is educational content for photographers and needs to meet the following: Be fun, easy and clear to read and understand (Basically a visual ELI5) Laid out in a way that makes sense to the flow of educational content To be fresh, inspiring and exciting To leave room for additions and subtractions of content Must be able to incorporate branding icons / illustrations, as well as colors * bonus if this can be replicated with ease using Elementor page builder, and then converted to a template * Each section of the content should be relatable to the design layout** ( So, if we're talking about Light - then the design should compliment that sort of topic. Same goes for Composition, Editing, Equipment, Exposure, etc...) Of course I will go more into detail and share what I currently have setup once I have chosen someone who matches the part. So, please post a link to your portfolio below (It can be a website, a pdf, a jpeg, whatever.. anything that you think applies to this request). I will then contact you either via your contact form, publicly listed email address or, the very least, a DM here on reddit. You could also list your hourly rate / fee but it's totally fine if you don't and we chat privately. some inspiration: FloThemes page Flothemes Page 2 Can Pekdemir I am totally open to having a lot of free space and making it breathable, airy and open. And of course, im am even more open to creativity and complete other directions To be clear, I am not looking for: Web developers or people who are offering to code / build / manage the page Branding Thanks!! submitted by /u/Shayno90 [link] [comments]

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