A verbose content writer

For $300 — Ends 25 Jul 2018 (in 6 days)

I'll be brief - as I'm hiring you to write the words here. I'm usually verbose. But our web agency needs you... We just need lots of words. Like lots. Mostly for SEO, and for cool blog content. For local mom-n-pop companies. But I'll clam up now. Because we want to pay you $30 to $50 per 1000 words you put together. That's 3 cents per word. So you can be the talkative one here. Just send me samples on this post. And I'll hire the top two talent with $300 ea for you to write words of content. That's ten thousand words. Anyway, I'm writing out content myself right now. And will ignore all PMs. Just post your portfolio here so others like me can hire you too. And if you can write super verbose blog content... that would be cool. But we have 50+ other projects that just need content. So you see where we're going. Because I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do. Talk to you soon. submitted by /u/jakeinmn [link] [comments]

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