Drupal 8 Website Development

For $3,000 — Ends 22 May 2018 (in 3 months)

We are looking to create website in Drupal 8 with a concept similar to (www.srschicago.org) with a responsive and fresh design.
Overall Features:
• Capability to use rich text editor when creating content
• Gurmukhi and English Content
• Ability to give specific users access to manage their pages and content (Library, School, Karseva etc)
Pages (in no specific order):
1. Home Page – Responsive theme with all required elements
2. Events Calendar Page – Upcoming, Present and Past events, integrate Sikh Events using Sikh(Mool Nanakshahi) calendar
3. Gurmat School – Mission statement, Goals, Calendar, Regular Schedule, Student registration, Gurmat Camp Form, Student-Parent Portal, Student Parent Handbook
4. Kar Seva - Mission Statement, Sevadars, Various Teams, Open Gurdwara Projects and their status,
5. Sikhism – Sikh History, Philosophy, Rehat Maryada
6. Gurdwara Services – Sikh Prayers, Sikh Wedding, Funeral services
7. Donations Page – Links to Paypal with dropdown list of causes, List of Donors(?)
8. Volunteer Page – Patrons will be able to register for various open projects by registering online. Details shall be sent to concerned in-charge’s email address.
9. Media Gallery – Audio baanis, Videos, Photo Gallery,
10. Library – Interface to mlasservices for finding a book, Book Reviews, library events, Vision-Mission, Reading Groups, Book review guidelines
11. Hukamnamah Page – Today’s hukamnama with English & Gurmukhi translation
12. Community Resources Links – External URL Links
13. Contact Us info with Map Directions
14. Management Page
15. Newsletter Subscription
YouTube Integration
Events Section :
• Standardize event thumbnail sizes
• Ability to put single event that is celebrated on multiple days.
• Ability to post events to Gurdwara Facebook page.
Latest Update:
• Validity of update based on from and to date. Currently there is only one date which we specify as end date.
• Ability to upload newsletter PDF, articles, brochures (library) to a repository for later retrieval.
• Integrate Mailchimp with the site for running newsletter campaigns from within the Gurdwara site.
Bookings module & Calendar:
• Enable patrons to book events (langar, Anand Karaj, Paath etc.) from the site where the calendar shall allow them to see open / busy slots. The bookings data is to be pushed to the MSoffice365 account being used currently.
• After a program booking request is submitted, there needs to be an approval step by events-in-charge upon whose approval the patron shall be sent an email asking him to make the online (Paypal) / offline payment within a stipulated time-period. Once payment is made send the patron a confirmation message with relevant links needed for the event viz.terms of agreement, Langar samagri list etc.
• Ability to add docs viz. agreement terms, dos/dont’s for different programs and outreach events to apprise the patrons.
• Ability for a patron to share the event booked @ SRS site on Facebook or other media
• Display automatically all day events to calendar based on Nanakshahi calendar.
Donation :
• Custom form for Paypal donation and print friendly receipt from site. And not redirect user to PayPal site.
• Ability for admin to write/post book reviews and specify date period for which review to be available on main Library page.
• Share same on Library Facebook page.
• Ability to manage articles, brochures created for various events
Hukamnamah :
Ability to search and set Hukam of the day to be provided to specific user/Granthi. Leveraging iGurbani or similar via webservice/API
• Media gallery web page integrated with Gurdwara Facebook page to be used as source. Photos and video albums will be managed on Facebook page - $3000.0

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