Full-Time JavaScript Back-End and Core Developer

Ends 18 Aug 2018 (in 1 day)

The ARK Crew is looking for pure back-end/core developers who are not scared when they hear terms such as Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Finite-state machine, SHA-256, Elliptic-curve cryptography, Turing completeness, Merkle tree, Bloom filters, etc… In short, to have an understanding of cryptography and P2P networks. Required Skills: Development: JavaScript ES6 (NodeJS) Database: PostgreSQL Cryptography: ECDSA, basic understanding of how to work with raw binary data Networking: basic understanding of P2P networking and protocols Tools: Git SysAdmin: basic console magic (servers, deploying, running) Bonus (not requirement): Development: Solidity, C, C++ Database: LevelDB Networking : higher level of P2P protocols knowledge, pen-testing Virtual Machines: eVM Read full job details at : https://blog.ark.io/ark-team-is-expanding-looking-for-core-developers-9b88ed0c8ce8 submitted by /u/Vippero [link] [comments]

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