Shopify store graphics design and website customization

For $1,500 — Ends 17 Jul 2018 (in 5 days)

This is Graphic design and Website design, we don't anticipate much/any development.
Need a modern, fast and clean website for selling anime figures.
Needs to be beautiful and functional on computers, tablets and phones.
We don't want our website to look like another bootstrap. We aren't paying $200 for a "website" and want a final product that is much higher quality than those kinds of requests - but we are also paying more.
You are a person or team or people who has experience with Photoshop or other graphic design tools, you will also bring knowledge of Shopify website design and templates.
You will bring your vision and design experience to our ideas and together we will make the website.
Website is Shopify so fluid design required.
This requires custom Photoshop or equivalent graphics work and Shopify template customization, not just using pre-existing templates.
Website Colors: White, Black, Orange accents.
Look at this list of types of things we are looking for in the design:
Think about:
Responsive design
Particle backgrounds
Dynamic gradients
Shadows & Depth
Main/Landing PAge
The attached file shows the main / landing page.
The idea is that each of the squares is one space in a display case.
Each square will have a changing picture of an item and would look like it has depth and glass in front.
The items will be behind glass so the labels (sale, new, etc) will look like they are stickers on the glass.
The layout is simple but it's all about the graphics design to make it look good.
The website pages will need to look like it is a display case.
Navigate these pins to see what physical display cases look like and think about how to convert this into a website design.
Item Details
The details pages of items will stay similar in layout to a standard template but again it should look like an item in a display case. Needs to flow with the landing page.
An FAQ page will be required, the look is going to be like a wall scroll that has multiple question lines that can be expanded.
When a question is expanded the wall scroll rolls down to contain the question.
Once expanded pictures and detailed help will be visible.
Cart Page
Needs to be integrated with the color scheme of the website.
User Account page
Looks like a cluttered desk of an anime / comics fan with pencils, sketches, glue bottle, Posters, an old video game console, and a bunch of small anime and comic figures. (see pictures for ideas)
Design not defined yet. Each post on the main blog page will be a square (polariod photo style?) and have a short description. Each post will have icons of a camera or video camera to show if it is photo or video.
Clicking will open to the full post.
From a functionality point of view we want it to function and have the above pages similar to: - $1500.0

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