I would like someone to do online research on a topic, collecting data and links

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I am interested in Moviepass (the new subscription way of buying cinema tickets in the US) and so would like someone to do a few hours of research on it for me.
I'm interested in pulling out all the numbers which have been published. Things like the cost (and data when it changed), number of subscribers (again with dates), etc.
It would also be good to collect URLs of articles on the topic. This could be split into natural categories, such as 'newly published data', 'expert opinions', etc.
At the end of the process, I would like to be able to read the research and create graphs of their growth over time and know the key issues about the history and what people think of the future.
I don't need it to be in a pretty, essay form - it's only background notes for me. Bullet points, tables and data points, are fine. I will create a google doc to write it in and good spreadsheet to hold any data points along with their data and source.
I'm not sure how long this would take but I wouldn't have thought that it would take too long. If this can be cost-effective and useful for me then there may be other topics in the future for the same treatment.
When applying, please give an indication of roughly how long you think it would take and any examples of similar research you've done for others (if such exist).

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