Build me a Java client-server application

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I need a client-server application for a news agency with 2 types of users:readers and writers. The readers can : -view a list of articles, read an article and do not need to login in order to use the app. The writers need to login in order to create, update or delete an article. (so the writers accounts are like already added by the admin (in the database), but the admin-point of view doesn't need to be implemented). An article has the following components: title,abstract,author and body. The app must support concurrent users. If a writer posts a new article, the readers must see it in the list of articles in real time,without performing any refresh operation.
Must have:
-the app must be client-server
-observer design pattern to notify the readers of any new articles
-from sending data from the client to the server JSON serialization must be used
-layers architectural pattern regarding the data access,business and presentation
-maven project!
-validated input data + code + ui
-preferably, the use of ProgreSql for the database
P.S: im not gonna hire anyone that wants to be paid outside of this site, because it violates the rules of this partnership. - $50.0

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