Animation and simple physics diagramatic drawing to be set in time with my audio file

Ends 15 Aug 2018 (in about 4 hours)

I have recorded a video and separate audio of a simple concept in physics. However, I don't have a good studio setup so I don't want to use my video footage.
I will provide you with my video and audio recordings. In the video, you'll see I draw some diagrams. I need you to replicate those same diagrams digitally on a white background, drawing them along with / in time with my audio, so that I can replace my video footage completely with your animation.
Please also provide jpg stills of your completed diagrams that I can use as thumbnails for the video.
Please also provide a correct transducer/wavefront diagram, like this one: , but with an ultrasound transducer (looks like this: ), and you don't need to show the returning echoes, any object or any axis.
You can contact me on WhatsApp (I'll provide my number) to get any questions you may have answered instantly.
Plenty more work like this to be done if you enjoy it. Please ask if anything is unclear. Please DON'T apply for this if you just want a once-off task. I need someone I can work with long term and rely upon.

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