Design me a magic trick based on a unique deck of cards

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I love magic but don't practise much anymore.
I work with someone one transalted some work he does into a deck of cards.
Each card is unique, and numbered in a particuar order
Each card has its own number, from 1 to 64, called a sequence number
and the deck is broken into base 8.
So first 8 cards are also numbered 1.1 to 1.8
then 2.1 to 2.8
and so on until 8.1 to 8.8
so there are 8 sets of 8 (think 8 suits and 8 cards in any one suit)
8 * 8 = 64 (just checking my maths)
and so sequence 1 (ie card 1) is also 1.1
sequence 8 is 1.8
sequence 9 is 2.1
and sequence 64 = 8.8
hope that makes sense.
I'm pretty good at storey telling, so i figured if someone can make up a good trick which uses the numbers, i can probably make it into a storey quite easily.
I'm open to all options.
I could find a trick online, but im really busy and because this deck is unique I figured someone could have some good fun with it.
I can post a deck if its needed to make it work but ideally i would rather not if it can be helped.
Roger Hamilton made the cards, here is a link to what they are based on, if that helps make sense (migth mirky things) and this link of the 64 vectors to disney stories inspired me to make it into a magic trick...
I mean ideally, I would make the storey link in some way to one of the stories in the slideshare
I will need to have this sorted in less than 10 days time.
Message me if more info is required.
Kind regards

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