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Dear Sir/Mdm:
We are planning to create a platform/portal similar to or for people to meet for a variety of categories, including but not limited to web development, translation, writing, etc.
Before we go further on this project, we would like to have your answers to the following questions:
1. Are you aware of the nature of this project? FYI, it is not going to be development of a simple website, but a platform or a portal for freelancers to look for jobs and corporate/individual clients to look for resources. So it will be a very huge and complicated website with payment function. And the freelancers will include all walks of life based on industries, rather than translators, designers, writers, etc. All in all, we are creating a platform for all kinds of freelancers to work and survive on by providing their service to customers in the next ten to twenty years. The examples for this type of platform include,, Our ultimate website will be similar to these.
2. Given the above objective/task, can you please let us have your answers to the following questions:
A. Do you have any experience to design such a portal? If yes, can you send us some links to take a look?
B. If not, are you sure you know how to develop such portal?
C. Are you work alone or together with a team?
D. When quoting, can you please let us have two prices:
(1) developing the site (ALL functions, including online chat system, online payment system, online management system, both website and appt, and logo) without including the articles/contents such as ABOUT US, TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PRIVATE POLICY, etc.;
(2) developing ALL from A to Z including all functions + contents + logo for developing a portal, i.e. from A to Z including all the texts such as ABOUT US, MISSION, TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PRIVACY POLICY?
3. How long will you need to develop such portal?
4. How will you deliver it?
5. What do we need to do for you in order for this portal to be hosted and operating?
6. Based on your experience, how much disk space does this portal require after being hosted?
I would appreciate it if you could spare 30 minutes to answers the above questions that are important for us to make a decision. We will revert to you upon receipt of your answers to the above questions. -

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