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My name is Ben Lynch, I represent the AB Trading Organisation Ltd, and I would like to request a quote for your app development services for work on the companies android app.
The app is a “Night out planning app”, based currently only in London as it has not launched yet and also lacks content (eg Profiles of bars and nightclubs), and a semi-ametur app developer has already coded the bulk of the layout on Android Studio, where all the activities link via buttons. The work needed doing will be connecting the app to the companies Microsoft Azure, as users will need to able to login, upload certain files (Such a short videos and images) and to be able to use the app “in session”, so when closed their progress is saved. As well as this, there is so minor layout work, which my current app developer can not do. We have created a full list of development tasks which we can send once you've replied.
Please can you get back to us with a price and completion time estimate. May I also add our company is planning on creating a IOS version of this app, which has not even been started yet. If you accept our work, you will be the companies first choice for IOS development. Please note if you are more suited to certain tasks, feel free to take a group of tasks (not related to others eg Layout) rather than the whole job.
Of course we will run you through the steps in more detail and we will send the project over so you can see the context to the steps above. We look forward to hearing from you, please contact me at
Kind Regards,
Ben Lynch
Director of the AB Trading Organisation Ltd.
- £10000.0

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