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Requirements for leads
The leads must have worked at least 5 years in private companies in the UK and now work in Germany. To be clear this means the person must have lived and worked in the UK for 5 years and then have left to go live in Germany.
Information required; First name, Last name, Company they currently work for, position the currently hold in the company, a German telephone number for them, a linkedin profile. If you can find leads which do not have a linkedin profile but do fulfil the criteria you must show how you found they worked in the UK.
They must have worked for a private company in the UK. Examples of non-private companies or roles which cannot under any circumstances be used are but not limited to; the army, the RAF, the Navy, the police force, the fire service, the NHS, the atomic energy committee, the government, any form of local council, Teachers or people who worked at Universities the ministry of defence. If you have queries regarding this you can ask me or you can google if they are publicly funded by the UK government.
They also cannot be Journalists or Freelance whilst in the UK
when finding out how long they worked they must have only worked in the UK. So a profile that says someone worked at Goldman sachs for 10 years but the countries listed underneath say UK and Germany do not count. However if there were too separate entries of 5 years on saying UK only and the other saying germany that would count.
https://de.linkedin.com/pub/tom-howells/35/6a8/993 - this is an example of a good lead as he has worked in the UK for 13 years as Hampshire is a town in the UK and the Talley group is a private company.
Also quote me a price for 100 leads. Leads which are from both the financial services sector and have lived in Germany less than 5 months count twice.
5 years minimum one company or 10 years total UK.

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