Can you remove the double projection of Unity projector?

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Don't know how to solve this problem see illustration in the PDF. The projection goes through to the other side of the object. If moving the object around, how to make this so that only the side physically visible to the projector rays will be baked to the UV map.
There is this information from Unity -
"When no Falloff Texture is used in the projector’s Material, it can project both forward and backward, creating “double projection”. To fix this, use an alpha-only Falloff texture that has a black leftmost pixel column."
However have tried working with that solution and did not have success.
Another solution, idea is to use Ray-casting to record the visible UV when it is frozen in position and filter only those coordinates through to the UV map results. In this particular application we are trying to solve he scenario for, The user, when placing the projector, also only has the visibility of the projector, until they click to LOCK the projector in place. So it is only after they click LOCK that then they will be able to move the object to see the 'other side'. Therefore to avoid performance loss it can be usage of Ray-cast only for a second to record the coordinates visible to the projector and then filter these out from the baked UV map. After that point then the projector is not being used, but the object is left with the baked UV map that was created by the Projection minus the invisible side. - $750.0

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