Buy and Checkout button with CMS

For $1,500 — Ends 6 Jul 2018

Need to create the following:
1. CMS That will allows me to create multiple users (username, password, documents)
2. Each user will have a specific ID
3. Each User will create Category (ID) and Sub Category (sub ID) and Product ID (name of product) that they already have on different websites/Apps and wants to sell through a different payment method.
4. Create a Buy Button for each Product mentioned in step 3.
5. Link the Buy Button to different payment gateways provided by us.
6. On The CMS, an over view for all users, and what there customers are buying from each with totals. In addition to linking each payment gateway to specific client.
- Experience is a must.
- Must show us some work done before.
- Limited time frame: 10 - 12 days - $1500.0

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